The next line of puzzles were bought from one store of a chain of discount stores called Dollar Tree . I was told that anything that had already circulated throughout the year from all sorts of retail outlets, eventually ended up here before going out of existence altogether . Of course, the store name itself says that everything in the store sold for a dollar !
    There were a few more puzzles that I could have purchased, but are not part of my collection because either of their lack of tight fitness, as in the case of one 3D jigsaw - the Egg : whose last piece, the connecting pin, was just not long enough to snap the pieces into the locked position, and some of the rest of the pieces were not quite fitting  just right so as to create a cushiony effect when it was time to actually thread and snap the connecting pin to hold it all together . . . . .
    Or as to the Cube, the 3rd piece into the solution was made wrong . . . . .
    Then there was the 6-pc clear Star burr : after sliding in the last key piece ( I assembled it right there in the store ), the whole puzzle was still very loose, very much so that I had to be careful in holding it steady enough in my hand so as not to have it fall apart !
    The puzzles I did end up getting were fairly snug .
    I don't recall who the manufacturer was, but the main title to the package was '3 Dimension' .   There are another set of puzzles that look exactly the same with the package titled 'Figitz' .

Four Cubes   Mag-Nif Corp. has the same puzzle, but with more quality .

Multi Cross   This is someone's version of Pentangle's wooden Squirrel's Cage .

Pyramid   It has 14 pieces and the base .   Because it does have a base, this puzzle is only considered as partially interlocking, using the base to keep it together .

Knot   One of the best in the lot .   Similar to Cleverwood's kumiki Round Flower burr !