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The fun is all in showing others what kind of dilemma you are presenting to them .
(How can a linked ring flip-flop its way down to the bottom of the chain?)
. . . Others won't be able to do it without knowing the secret . . .

There are 26 rings (12 pairs -- 2 singles) . Total free-hanging length is 17" .


Holding on to the top single ring with one hand . . . with the other hand, you should be able to grab the ring of the first pair of rings below it
(the ring that links only a single ring below it)

note: below the top single ring, you have the first pair of rings. One of these rings threads both rings of the second pair below it. The other ring (of the first pair) threads only one ring from the second pair below it. This is your 'special' ring you need to hold.

Lift it up a little :   the entire length of chain on that same side as the ring you're lifting should all rise in unison with the upward pull .
The other ring in that first pair will not do this . Instead it will just lift the whole chain.

Hold on to this 'special' ring with the left hand, while letting go of the top ring with the right hand, allowing it to fall away from you .
The top single ring will flip & flop to the bottom end of the chain *.

Turn the chain 90 counter-clockwise, and again grab that 'special' ring of your new first pair of rings (which is the old top ring you just flipped) .
Again, let the new top ring fall away from you .
And again you will see a single ring topple its way to the bottom* .

(You can start from either end)

Well, now you know the secret .   Have fun doing this trick on the other un-initiated members of your family .   And friends .

 What is actually happening here?

Believe it or not, the flip-flopping ring isn't really going anywhere .   In fact, the single top ring that you let go simply drops back into place - into the first pair of rings - and becomes the next   'special'   ring that you hold on to .

Do it in slow motion and you'll see what I mean .

The flip-flopping you're watching is actually a chain reaction involving one ring from each pair all the way down the chain.

You have now mastered the Magic Chain .   Congratulations !

. . . . . and the  Magic continues . . . . .