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Michel van Ipenburg

Having been the owner of one of Bill Wylie's Tasmanian Myrtle Hexadecimal Puzzle 'copies', Michel is now the proud owner of an original by the Binary Arts folks (1985-2003) . . . . . now called Think Fun (2003 - ), purchased from the Netherlands on ebay.
NOTE: Just recently Michel has extended his ownership capacity to a copy of Bill Wylie's version, a Creative Crafthouse limited Edition and one of his own (. . . "made of multilayered plywood and Acryl sheets and proves one can built a hexadecimal with very limited resources" . . . . . "Itís quite big, about 1.5 the BA version and certainly not as smooth as that one, but it is playable.")

Below left are two pictures of Michel's   'original'   from ebay . Below right are his own design, and one from Creative Crafthouse.

Thank you, Michel !