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15 Slider   16pc Easter Egg   2 mini balls & mini barrel   3pc Block   3 mini burrs   3pc Stepped Pyramid _ V-notched   3pc Stepped Pyramid _ Shallow Slotted   3pc Stepped Pyramid _ with holes
3pc Stepped Pyramid   3pc Stepped Pyramid _ deep slotted   3pc Stepped Pyramid _ Sacred Four   4pc Pyramid
4pc tapered Jigsaw   6pc hollow-center pine burr   6pc hollow-center plastic burr   6pc mini Burr   6 Tabbed Planks   Andromeda   Aries   Astrologic   Backlogged   Ball _ plastic simulated wood   Basket Weave Burr   Bill's Baffling Burr   Bilz Box   Black Box   Block Slider   Brain _ black&red   Bullet Burr   Calendar Pencilholder Bank   Cannon   Cetus   Chiclets   Clarissa Burr   Columbus Egg   Corn   Cross   Crossteaser   CRYSTAL   Cube   Cuckoo's Nest   Curious Cross   Cylinder Sliding Tiles   Danzig's Dilemma   Disco   Dovetail Burr   Elephant Spinout   Enigma   Equilibrium   Expanding Cube _ plastic   Family Jewel   Fancy Square   mini plastic amber finned burr _ with quarter   Fool's Spool   Four Cubes   Four Square   Frabjous   Framed Star   Frantix   Frog Slider   Gabriel's Square   Giant Pyramid   Hamburger   Handy Mad Triad   Happy Cube   Hectix _ white   Hedgehog   Hershey Kiss   Hexagon   Hollow Box Burr   Impossible Ball   Instant Insanity (wood & numbers)   Internal Combustion   Jigsaw Jewel   Jigsaw Ball   Japanese Puzzle Box   keychain Globe Burr   keychain Rocketship   keychain Spacegun   keychains _ Spaceship-red clear Heart-multicolored Heart-black white Ball   Knobbly Burr _ wood   Knot   Kumiki puzzles _ wood _ Lantern-Sparkle Burr-Round Flower-Tori Gateway   L-Board Burr   Licorice Stix   Lifesavers   Little Paperclips   LiveCube Triplets   Locked Sprockets   Lucky Clover   Lunatic   Lunatic Lock   Magic Box (wood)   Man The Torpedo   Metal Chess King   Mickey/Donald Ball   mini plastic Squirrel's Cage   mini plastic yellow/green/blue Burr _ with quarter   mini Stacked Sticks   mini Triangle Pin Burr   mini Tut's Tomb _ with quarter"   Mirror Burr _ with quarter   Missing Link   Molecule   Money Lock Bank   multicolored plastic Ball   MultiCross   Multiplicity   Neuron Twister   No Nukes   Notched Sphere   Orb   Oskar's Cubes   P24 Marian's Puzzle   Pagoda   Pepsi Puzzle Bank   Pin Hole   Plato's Plight   Polar Bear   Pyramid   Pyramix   Puzzle Bank Ball   Reiss Classic Car   Ring Thing   Rubik's Pocket Cube   Rubik's Cube _ original   Rubiks Ice Cube   Rubik's Joined Rings   Rubik's Magic Rings   Rubik's Revenge   Rubik's Shells   Rubik's Snake   Satellit   Scrambled Egg   Sheffield Steel 6BB   Soma Cube   Soma Die Cube _ red   Soma Die Cube _ white   Sonneveld 3pc 2x2x2 Burr   Sonneveld 9pc Burr   Space Cube   Sphere   Squarrel   Squirrel's Cage _ plastic   Star Czech   Star Of David   Steady State Cube   Sticked Triangles   Radius   Surprize   Switchback   The Great Pagoda (51pcs)   TopSpin   Trinity series   Trix Stix   Trick Treasure Box   Triplets _ 3 Kumikis"   Trillion   Tubular Burr Box   Tut's Trial   Wheel   Whiting's Woe   Woodchuck   XEON _ The Molecule Puzzle   Yin & Yang   Yot   Zig Zag Knot

'15' Slider   . . . origin unknown.

16pc Easter Egg
. . . made by Peoria Plastics Division of Blever Industries, Inc.

2 mini balls & mini barrel
The two balls are mini-versions of PuzzlesDownunder's Puzzle Bank Ball .
The barrel, although of keychain puzzle size, nonetheless has a high degree of precision in its fabrication proportional to the scale of solving difficulty .

3 mini burrs   . . . origin unknown .

3pc Block   . . . from Stewart Coffin .
I have designed several styles from this original . . .

3pc Stepped Pyramid - V-notched .
    The V notches add a gentle aesthetic effect with a minimum of added confusion to the puzzler .   The 1" blocks were bought at a local crafts store - the kind of wood was not indicated on the package, but it is a domestic hardwood of some sort .

3pc Stepped Pyramid - Shallow Slotted .   Again for aesthetics and confusion .

3pc Stepped Pyramid - with holes .
Again for aesthetics and confusion .

3pc Stepped Pyramid   This first in the series was made over 30+ years ago, and recently sold on E-Bay .

3pc Stepped Pyramid - Deep Slotted .
    Not only for aesthetic effects, the deep slots add a next-level touch of confusion for the puzzler .   The individual cubes that make up the 3 compound pieces are approximately 3/4" .

The Sacred Four

4pc Pyramid
made by Binary Arts .

4pc tapered jigsaw   . . . made by Binary Arts

Looks simple, but cunning !

6pc hollow-center pine burr
Same as the acrylic mirrored burrs above,   and the 'soft' yellow plastic version below .

6pc hollow-center plastic burr   Unknown origin .   This is the original I fashioned the mirrored and pine ones after .

6pc Mini burr   Unknown origin .   . . . from Stewart Coffin's   3 Pairs   puzzle .
Not only because this is a very small puzzle, but also because of the slippery plastic edges of the 'pairs' of each of the three sticks, this little simple-looking burr affords an extremely high level of frustrating dexterity in controlling the puzzle during assembly .   In fact, I have to cheat by tacking pieces of masking tape to certain areas .

6 Tabbed Planks    SOLD

Bought from  Pavel's Puzzles .


Comments in regards to this puzzle can be read  here

Andromeda   . . . Molded-injected acrylic made by Skor-Mor from their Geo-Logic line .   Not quite a symmetrical shape . . . a couple of odd parts make it slightly amorphous !

Aries   An injected-molded version of Stewart Coffin's 4 Corners . . . made by Skor-Mor from their Geo-Logic line .

Astrologic   . . . from  Mag-Nif Inc.
Reiss Games' The Star .
Also known as Mystic Star by Tresco Plastics Ltd. of England from the 60s .

Designed by Jean-Claude Constantin .
Also known as Weaver's Dilemma elsewhere in Puzzleland !

Ball ... plastic simulated wood   . . . origin unknown .

Basket Weave Burr


Bill's Baffling Burr . . . . . a high-level rating of 4.2
A very tough  burr which takes four slides to remove the first piece ( the actual removal being the 5th move ) .   Another two slides to remove the second piece .   A detailed source of information about this puzzle can be seen at John Rausch's website Puzzle World, with a special section given to renowned interlocking Ap-Art Puzzles craftsman/designer Stewart Coffin and his section titled  The Puzzling World of Polyhedral Dissections

. . . . . pieces

Bilz Box . . . bi-level clear polystyrene maze

A steel ball - once discreetly placed at a certain point within the maze . . . and an applied pressure on a certain point outside of the box - will aid in releasing the slide drawer at the end of the box that may have a dollar bill within it .

Black Box   . . . a take-apart puzzle from  Mag-Nif Inc  

Although their online catalog does not display it, one can still purchase the Black Box by just asking for it through the e-mail .

This puzzle is made of a stiff plastic, and remains stable throughout all climate changes, which is crucial to this kind of puzzle - the sliding seams have to be perfectly matched (and thus, invisible) .

The black color aids in hiding them even further .   Each of the three sides of each half of the puzzle are ever-so-slightly less than 90° to ensure a fairly tight fit as the two halves are fitted together .

You can see my North American pine version with a cryptic 'brand'  here    

Block Slider   . . . origin unknown (same as  'Grand Pris'   -- made by Parksmith Corp. in the 1960's - 70's -- except the large piece has a picture of a racing car stamped on it)

This 10pc plastic version represents one of many wood versions such as : an 81 year old Sliding Block Puzzle (15 pieces - 3 large squares) made by S. S. Adams Company  (Samuel Sorenson Adams)  of Asbury Park, New Jersey. Pat. Applied for 1927. )              ( box cover pic >>> )

(The pink rectangle of the puzzle shown would have to be removed in order to facilitate play)

Wood versions are known by names such as :

Ching-Foo (14 pieces) . . . made and distributed by Southwestern Distributing Co., Hutchinson, Kansas

Dad's Puzzler . . . Box says "distributed by S-M NEWS CO INC, 229 FOURTH AVE, NY city", Copyright 1920 by J.W. Kaywarg, The Standard Trailer Company, Cambridge Springs, Pa. the price: "10-cents". Solution included.   another version of these that has a lighter colored box is stamped "Princess Novelty Shop, 321 So. Clark St, Chicago ILL." "   The earliest copyright of this puzzle was in 1909 under the name 'Pennant Puzzle'.
L'Ane Rouge Puzzle (C27d) . . . aka Square Root, Mintman, et al. J. H. Fleming, 1946 (The Red Donkey) was popular in France. It features a red donkey (largest piece) trying to escape a maze of fences and pens to get to its carrots at the bottom, as stubborn as he is. Can be done in 81 moves.
 Mr Puzzle sells it under the name Major Migraine Maker .
The online game to L'Ane Rouge is  here
    not in my collection
Daughter In The Box . . . (Japanese name: hakoiri musume) . The puzzle is also known as "Hua Rong Dao", "Khun Chang Khun Phaen" and "Forget-me-not". Same pieces and play format as the Psychotease Puzzle and L'Ane Rouge, the object being: Slide the lagrest tile down to the exit hole.

The Moving Puzzle. . . was used as advertisement for the Fireproof Storage Company of Philadelphia, PA.   The inside of the box it comes in is marked "Copyright 1941".   The company was an Agent of Allied Van Lines who did long distance moving . . . hence, the name .   Yet another advertisement puzzle, also known as   The Moving Puzzle,   was by Bekins Van & Storage Co., State Wide Moving Service, Copywrighted 1927, by Frederic E. Aaron .   A third one says "Rankin Transfer & Storage Co, Norfolk Virginia"

\/ this puzzle is not in my collection \/

Other names from the past (with slightly different block configurations) :

The Flying Puzzle (14 pieces) . . . (Large square block says "plane", other blocks say things like "fog", "clouds", "rain", "snow", etc. Box says patented march 27, 1928)

The pics depicted here are courtesy of Eric from an email I received.

Ma's Puzzle . . . (Box says "A true to life, hard to get, Ma's Puzzle, Patent no 1633397, by Charles L.A. Diamond".)

George Washington Puzzle (15 pieces) . . . (Big piece is stamped w/ "George Washington", little pieces are stamped w/ words like: Honest, Loyal, Just, Faith, Noble, Liberty, War, Peace, Integrity, Brave, and Independence.)

Eskimo Pie Puzzle . . . The top cover of the box that contains the Eskimo Pie puzzle says, "Eskimo Pie Puzzle. Can you bring Eskimo Pie from Eskimo Land to the USA? Hurr's Ice Cream Williamsport, Penna."   Another version where the box states, "Object is to move the "Eskimo Pie" piece from "Eskimo Land" to "the USA". "Perkinson's, not a fad but a food; Eskimo Pie Corperation, Louisville, Ky.

The Starry Puzzler . . . (1926), manufactured by John M. Schneider of Detroit, Mich.

The LEECH Puzzle . . . manufactured by Leech Products Co. in Hutchinson, Kansas, U.S.A.

Square Root . . . by Parker Brothers

Tit-Bits Teaser No. 5 (14 pieces) . . . from George Newnes Ltd, London England. (a.k.a. The Train Puzzle -- Traffic Jam Puzzle)

Frigidaire . . . Jumble Puzzle ( from 1940s ? )

Joe's Puzzler . . . manufactured for The Japanese Magic & Novelty Store, 24 Yonge St. Arcade, Toronto

PSYCHOTEAZE . . . the almost impossible puzzle made in 1969 by Chock Full of Everything Co.

G I Nut Cracker

Jusso Nine Block Puzzle

Silver Label Puzzle (14 pieces)

King Coal Puzzle (14 pieces)

The Traffic Jam Puzzle (14 pieces) . . . by F. L. Babcock (a.k.a. Tit Bits Teaser -- The Train Puzzle)

Ego Buster . . . by Skor-Mor

Humdinger Puzzle (9 pieces)

The Infant's Hospital Puzzle (12 pieces) . . . Chad Valley 1920

Filipiak (9 pieces) (10 pieces) . . . aka Traffic Cop Tangle -- Schweig's Transatlantic Puzzle.

Hako . . . by Tryne . Nine colored plastic pieces, set up like Psychotease and others like it.

Brain _ black . . .  Mag-Nif Inc.

Solution utilizes the binary system, as well as the  Chinese Puzzle Rings

Bullet Burr


Made and sold by the good folks at  Kel-Tec  
(Kel-Tec 15-Year anniversary Bullet Puzzle)

"Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc was founded 1991 in Cocoa Florida. Initially, a CNC machine shop, Kel-Tec started to manufacture firearms in 1995. They are firmly committed to the development and production of novel, high performance firearms, specializing in handguns for concealed carry by law enforcement personnel or licensed citizens."

According to the folks at Kel-Tec, this exceptionally, crafted novelty puzzle is "Machined from solid brass and engraved with the Kel-Tec Logo. Includes 6 pieces and instructions for assembly. The solid brass bullets are the size of the 5.56mm NATO round, but should not be used in a firearm.

NOTE: This is unfinished brass and it will tarnish with age. "

. . . . . pieces

The six pieces are notched the same as the common  star burr (ie., Astrologic -- by Mag-Nif)  .

Calendar Pencilholder Bank

Cannon . . . from Bits & Pieces . . . Designed by Doug Haigh     S O L D

Cetus   Molded-injected acrylic made by Skor-Mor from their Geo-Logic line .  

Chiclets . . . Giant     SOLD

Pieces separated

Columbus Egg

Corn . . . Professor Brain's
A 14-piece partial ear of corn .   Made in Taiwan .

Cross   This is someone's version of Mag-Nif's Curious Cross . . . Reiss Games' Torment.


. . . . . closeup of cross-armed pieces

CRYSTAL . . . part of the MindBenders series

Cube   . . . from Stewart Coffin .   Pentangle's version is called 'Wookey Hole' .
Made of Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Rosewood & Padauk .

Cuckoo's Nest     SOLD

Another Stewart Coffin original made from six hexagonal birch bars with attached dowels, forming a symmetrical cluster .   A higher-level version is called Locked Nest (aka The Monster), with twelve bars instead of six .

Curious Cross

Curious Cross . . . multi-colored

I originally acquired 3 units in one sale, each a solid color throughout :   amber, red and blue .   Instead of taking a pic with all three, I decided to mix the pieces and come out with the multicolored version .   I bought my first one (clear) 30+ years ago from Mag-Nif Inc .   Reiss Games' version is called Torment from 1974 .

Cylinder Sliding Tiles   . . . origin unknown.

One place on the web calls it "Whip-It"-- made by LJN, Ltd (Hong Kong) in 1981.

Danzig's Dilemma . . . . . Two pieces of wood with a unique double-dovetail mystery .   This puzzle -- made by Lagoon Games of England -- was purchased from an Ebay member, also of England .   .     SOLD

logoLagoon Games logo

Disco Puzzle   . . . Mag-Nif Inc .
Exceptional quality and snug fit .

. . . pieces

Dovetail Burr     SOLD
Designed by Frans de Vreugd (Netherlands) .   According to the description from
 Puzzle World , "This puzzle is based on the Six-Board Burr by Junichi Yananose.   The dovetails reduce the number of possible moves dramatically.   The solution is a unique level six (six moves to remove the first piece)" .

The first 120 copies of the Doveltail burr from Frans de Vreugd were made by Bernhard Schweitzer -- a German puzzle collector/craftsman for more than ten years, with membership in the IPP (International Puzzle Party), a private, informal organization whose main objective is to promote and recognize innovative new designs of mechanical puzzles from around the world -- for his exchange puzzle ( made from Maple + Padauk wood) .

The model pictured above -- copied and fabricated from the original version by anonymous craftsmen -- was purchased from  Bits & Pieces  online catalog .

Elephant Spinout   . . . made by Binary Arts .     SOLD

As with the Chinese Puzzle Rings, The Brain and The Tower of Creation,   this is based on the binary system for solving .

. . . closeup
There is only one place - on the left - where the individual elephants can make their turns;   and also across the track - the curved edge on the right - used as a stop for those not turned .

. . . reset
The closed end of the track is hinged, and readily opens to allow the entire race of elephants to be taken out,   or to reset their orientations and be re-inserted back into the track .

Enigma   . . . . . the Demon Swirls
It takes 20 frustrating moves to separate the 3 pieces .
Made of break-resistant polycarbonate plastic .   It has a Difficulty Factor of 9 on a scale of 1-10 with NO FORCE REQUIRED .

The original cast metal version of this puzzle was patented in 1975 in USA to inventor Eldon Vaughn, and when Nob Yoshigahara -- the most prolific inventor of puzzles ever! -- found it, he thought it could not be done .

One source for purchase can be viewed at
 Puzzlemaster Incorporated  ;  or . . . if you're in the vicinity, one can make a personal visit to my favorite local puzzle store in Northwood, NH,  Piece Time Puzzles  .

Enigma pieces

a globe pin-burr from Reiss Games (1974) .

Expanding Cube _ plastic   . . . made by Skor-Mor from their Geo-Logic line - whose inner structure is taken from Stewart Coffin's design in his hardwood version by the same name !

Family Jewel   . . . from Mag-Nif Inc.

Fancy Square   This is Cleverwood's version of a kumiki Squashed Blossom .

mini plastic amber finned burr   . . . origin unknown .

Fool's Spool   . . . The label on the puzzle states that it was made in 1970 by Norstar (N.T.I.).

Four Cubes . . . from a DollarTree store
Mag-Nif Corp. has the same puzzle, but with more quality .

Four Square

Frabjous -- (Special Edition) ($59.00 + shipping)    SOLD

First of all, I would like to thank my fellow collector friend  Rob Stegmann  for having displayed this wonderful puzzle/sculpture on his website, which I surf from time to time. This is how I found out about it, and instantly fell in awe of its sparkling beauty -- and accesability of purchase.

George W. Hart is Chief of Content at the newly formed Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) in New York City. He comes to this position with an interdisciplinary background as sculptor, scholar, mathematician, engineer, writer, computer scientist, and educator. His geometric sculptures are recognized around the world for their mathematical depth and creative use of materials. He is a pioneer in using computer technology and solid freeform fabrication in the design and fabrication of sculptures.

One of his magnificent sculpture/puzzles is being offered at a reasonable price for the general public.
Its name: Frabjous

The 'Special Edition' version is made of ACRYLITE® Radiant acrylic sheeting -- lazer cut to the spiraling pieces that make up the sculpture/puzzle -- which has the ability to create dazzling color changes and dramatic eye-catching movement, all without specialty lighting! ACRYLITE Radiant sheet magically shimmers with iridescent colors that change as the viewer moves.

Another less-expensive version being sold is one where all the 31 pieces are in blue (sculpture/puzzle consists of 30 identical pieces -- one extra is provided) .

There are three sources one can purchase this magnificent sculpture/puzzle:
 Artifacture  in Dallas, and at the  MoMath online shop  , and Artifact's  Etsy shop

According to the fine folks at Artifacture:
Product Details :
The special edition Frabjous is a sculpture and geometric assembly puzzle made from dichroic acrylic. The swirling geometric form is composed of thirty identical pieces that catch and reflect the light in stunning fashion.

Mathematically, the planes of the shape are the face planes of a "great rhombic triacontahedron," a self-intersecting polyhedron with thirty rhombic faces. But the puzzle piece is a carefully designed subset of the rhombus that doesn't intersect copies of itself.

Weaving the parts through each other so each remains planar is trickier than it looks. Instructions are included. Recommended for ages 16+.

The word Frabjous is, of course, from Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll, "O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"

-George Hart, Artist
Museum of Mathematics (MoMath)

Manufactured by: Artifacture
30 identical pieces combine to form a beautiful sculpture
Finished size 6" x 6" x 6"
Designed by Mathematician George Hart
Made from laser cut, dichroic acrylic
Made in the USA

Comments: The product comes with a pair of cotton gloves . . . to keep any fingerprints from soiling any section of the sculpture/puzzle during assembly, thus interfering with the displaying of the beautiful iridescent colors that are produced.

Also, you are supplied with one extra piece (for a total of 31) -- in case you get a little more irritable than usual in the assembly, and apply a little bit too much pressure at some point, whereby you crack a piece.

Thank You to the folks at Artifacture. Nice touch.

Instructions are supplied with the kit. However, the instructions only go so far. The instructions were a help as far as the vortex pieces overlapping each one in succession in a clockwise rotation, for the first 10 pieces (module #1).

Besides showing the entire solution, a  video   on YouTube helps in viewing the 'vertical' pieces and their placements (in between module #1 and module #2).

The 3rd phase (module #2) was a little tricky. Here's where I slowed up considerably trying to establish a perspective as to how I was to proceed. At some point, it hit me . . . . . looking at all the spirals.

Framed Star

    This 6-point star is known as Solomon's Seal (an emblem consisting of two interlaced triangles, formerly used as an amulet, especially against fever) .   Solomon, in Biblical times, was a son of David and 10th-century king of Israel proverbial for his wisdom .

Also made by 3M Co. out of injection-molded acrylic ( a variation of the Altekruse puzzle with pins and holes and center notches ) . . . . and also a version of Stewart Coffin's hardwood  
(1st page in)   .
( The Altekruse puzzle was patented by W. Altekruse in 1890 )

Frog Slider   . . . origin unknown.

Gabriel's Square

Giant Pyramid . . . by Gordon Bros.

According to Kadon Enterprises, Inc.'s website :
    "The nine crystal-clear pieces of this monster fit just one way to make the order-5 tetrahedron on the contemporary-style terraced acrylic base.   Solving it has been known to take anywhere from an hour to a year, or more."

Although this little novelty looks like an inexpensive toy puzzle for a child, it is very well made with a nice snug fit .

Handy Mad Triad . . . . . from D.Y. Toy

The finger ends have a patented Roto - Tab design .   Twisting the turnable knobs on the ends of the fingers will turn the wheels .   To add to the level of difficulty, sequential numbers have been added to each of the wheels .   This puzzle is the palm-sized version of its bigger brother Mad Triad which has six wheels .

 Happy Cube
A hollow-boxed 3D jigsaw .
The Happy Cube -- as well as the Cricro and Snuzzles puzzle cubes -- are made from a material which is a gentle high-quality soft foam that feels like an eraser - invented by Dirk Laureyssens .

   Hectix _ white
Although this picture belongs on my page  "30+ Years Ago" ,   I add it here to compliment the other two .   This is the first of 3 versions .

Hectix Red, White & Blue
This is the second version of the traid .

Hectix Clear
Third of 3 versions,    completing the
        TRIAD .
This one seems to be very rare !

Excellent craftsmanship !   Woods used are Plum & Maple .
Difficulty Level (level 5 - easiest; level 10 - hardest): this is a Level 9 puzzle .   6 pieces .   4 21/64" round at the extremeties .

According to the E-Bay description by the member
(  Wired For Fun  ) from whom I bought this puzzle, "Our European Wooden Puzzles are made by master craftsman, Vaclav Obsivac.

Vaclav makes each puzzle as if he were making them for Royalty. The quality of each puzzle is outstanding and is almost impossible to understand until you actually touch and feel each puzzle. Only the best European hardwoods are used in the production of each puzzle.

Vaclav uses many different types of hardwood in the production of his puzzles. Familiar hardwoods such as cherry, maple, walnut, etc.. He also uses other hardwoods that are harder to find, such as hornbeam, plum, acacia etc.."

Vacalv has his own website  here  . . . . . right from the Czech Repbulic .

Core : 2 inner pieces

2 sets outer pieces

Hershey Kiss

. . . . . pieces

Hexagon . . . from a DollarTree store
Although this is a non-interlocking puzzle, I have added it to my list because it's a very nice 3D pentomino version .

MindBenders' Hollow Box Burr

Impossible Ball   . . . origin unknown

Instant Insanity   . . . origin unknown .   The  colored plastic version  is made by Parker Brothers dated 1967 .   Another name on the Web is Tantalizer  made in West Germany .   Also known as IT and distributed by F.J. Strauss Co., made in Hong Kong .   Then there's Face Four  by Ideal, 1980 .

Internal Combustion
This puzzle is made out of solid aluminum .   It was sold by Bits & Pieces until recently, which they now have discontinued .
Besides getting this puzzle at
 Piece Time Puzzles  . . . . . as I did, other sources for purchase can be found at  Games & Puzzles  and the 'Executive Metal' section of  Puzzles DownUnder  .   Also at  Mr Puzzle  of Australia .

An exquisitely aesthetically-pleasing wood version, known on the web as: Nightmare Box
. . . . . (formerly Shuffle Box ) . . . . . which is made out of Thailand's own beautiful “Raintree” wood, and according to its website, is "a non endangered and renewed tree from northern Thailand that has the grain structure and appearance of Teak", can be viewed for purchase here at  Creative Crafthouse  .

pieces .
Not as easy as you may think .

the Shell

Jigsaw Jewel   from Aha Brainteaser Classics, the Thinkfun people at Binary Arts .
Very well made .

. . . pieces

Jigsaw Ball   from Aha Brainteaser Classics, the Thinkfun people at Binary Arts .

. . . pieces

Japanese Puzzle Box . . . . . 10 moves

panels opened

lid off

This high quality puzzle box is the real thing, handmade by the master craftsmen themselves.   These fine puzzle boxes are rarely sold outside of the mountainous village of Hakone, Japan.

According to the folks at Cleverwood, "The “Himitsu-Bako (Personal Secret Box)” is a traditional Japanese puzzle box that was designed over 100 years ago in the Hakone region of Japan. The Hakone Mountains are noted for their great variety of trees. The Personal Secret Box takes advantage of this wide variety of natural wood colors and textures to produce their elaborate geometric patterns. The appeal of the Personal Secret Box is not merely in its entertainment qualities. It is valued as a Yosegi-Zaiku is a mosaic woodwork usually applied to small handicrafts such as trays, boxes and chests. This marquetry technique is originated in the late Edo Period, and in May of 1984, was designated a National Traditional Handicraft by the International Trade & Industry Minister.

For many years, the town of Hakone was a relay station on the main road to Edo (present day Tokyo) and Hakone-yosegi-zaiku was developed as souvenirs for travelers. The geometric design is made by binding together various shades of wood. Shaved off with a special plane, very thin sheets of wood are then used as an outside finish for various objects such as boxes. For a craft item to be designated a Traditional Craft Product under the Law for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries, it must satisfy the following criteria:
The article must be used mainly in everyday life.
The article must be primarily manufactured by hand.
The article must be manufactured using traditional techniques.
The materials should be mainly those that have been traditionally employed.
The industry must be of a regional nature.

Most Japanese Personal Secret Boxes (Puzzle Boxes) have a variety of difficulties ranging from 4 to 66 moves. From a puzzler’s point of view the 59-move box has the most interesting sequence of moves, even better than the 66. A few large puzzle boxes have exceptional numbers of moves, such as 78, 122, 119, or 125.   These are made by Yoshio Okiyama, who is more than 80 years old, and is a legend in Hakone Himitsu-bako.   He chooses his own wood, cures it, cuts it to size, and to make a long story short does everything himself except make the Yosegi that he applies to the boxes.   He is the grandson of one of the first puzzle box craftsman from Hakone.   He has retired and has made his last box.   Mr. Okiyama died in 2003."

The distinctive mark of craftstudio "IZUMIYA" is inside this box.   The "IZUMIYA MARK" certifies the best quality Himitsu-Bako among others.

keychain Globe Burr . . . from eBay member ckymingstore

You can watch this  video  of a large wooden version for the solution.

keychain Rocketship

One of the rarest of keychain puzzles .   Its small size belies its excellent craftsmanship .

A whopping 2 7/8" in length !

. . . 15 pieces

As tiny as the pieces are, they are shaped and fitted with exact precision .

keychain Spacegun

Keychain Spaceship

Keychain Red Clear Heart

Keychain Multi-Colored Heart

Keychain Black &White Ball

Knobbly Burr _ wood
Original design by Dic Sonneveld .    SOLD

Knobby Burr pieces
There are two sets of identical triplets .   One set, the mirror image of the other .

LiveCubes' version of the Knobby Burr

Knot   One of the best in the lot .   Similar to Cleverwood's kumiki Round Flower burr !

Kumiki Lantern (medium)

Kumiki mini Sparkle Burr

Round Flower

Kumiki Squashed Blossom Burr

Kumiki Torii Gateway

L-Board Burr . . . . . a high-level rating of 22.3     SOLD

L Board Burr is a design from the world famous puzzle designer Frans de Vreugd of The Netherlands. This puzzle is composed of 6 pieces that feature an "L" shape.   22 shifting moves are required to release the first piece, another 3 shifts for the second piece, and yet another 3 shifts for the third piece.   This is an extremely tricky and very difficult burr .

L Board Burr pieces
19 copies of this puzzle were crafted by Steve Strickland of  Puzzlecraft , for the International Puzzle Design Competition in Chicago earlier this year.   These were made with Maple, Bubinga and Brown Ebony.   The plates are 3/8" thick and the assembled puzzle is 2.5" wide.   This puzzle is one of these first edition copies.

17 puzzles were sold privately to collectors and only 2 copies remain, this being one of them . Another 14 copies were later made in Maple and Black Walnut that sold for $32 each.

Licorice Stix   . . . from Reiss Games (a subsidiary of National Paragon Corporation) (1974) .
A classic 6-pc
 burr .


. . . . . unboxed in a roll

. . . . . pieces

Little Paperclips . . . . . from Tom Lensch's version of Oskar van Deventer's original design, which can be seen at  Puzzle World
This is a level 3 burr : it takes 3 sliding shifts to release the first piece .

Stain was added to give it an aesthetic
'depth & breadth' ; the notches help to balance the overall geometric aethetics, and to create added confusion to an already partially non-symetrical geometry .

The stain is a 2-part combo of MINWAX red oak and natural, enhancing the 2 major soft grains of the wood .
MINWAX wood wax was applied to all shifting surfaces to help reduce friction to an already snug fit .

As with all my puzzles -- having taken influence from, and giving credit to, the great craftsmen of our time -- I try to cross-grain all pieces to minimize expansion & contraction .

LiveCube Triplets . . . . . made with  LiveCube units

3 identical pieces

Locked Sprockets (made by Net Block)
This, and the Sphere, have identical pin-locking mechanisms .

Lucky Clover

4 identical pieces

Lunatic   . . . from  Pentangle  of England ( "A second cousin to the woodchuck 'series' and one step up from the Squirrel Cage" ) . . . . . 38 pieces

Lunatic Lock    SOLD

Brushed aluminum .   Made by Puzzle Makers International .   Currently also sold on
 Bits & Pieces  .

. . . . . pieces
A tricky mechanism if you have no idea how or where to start .   Although I have given you a rare viewing of the innards' mechanism, there are still some steps to be done outside the scope of what you see, which I will keep secret .

Magic Box   . . . from Mag-Nif's plastic version .
This was an experiment with North American pine wood .   The logo was made by using a home-made branding iron out of clothes hanger wire .   I call this type of puzzle a one-way maneuver : Once you've discovered how it opens, there is no brain power required to close it .
    Therefore, the entire crux of creating it in the first place is to ensure that the seams where the separate pieces slide pass each other are absolutely snug and precise .

Man The Torpedo
Aluminum and brass .   Made by Puzzle Makers International .   Currently also sold on
 Bits & Pieces  .

Starting the solution
If you can get to this point, which starts the solution, you've got it made .

Metal Chess King   . . . . . designed by Marcel Gillen

The object of this puzzle is to find a way to get inside the base to retrieve a special coin hidden in there .

Mickey/Donald Ball
Donald Duck is on the other side .
Great for the Disney collector .

mini plastic Squirrel's Cage   . . . origin unknown
Very high quality .

mini plastic yellow/green/blue Burr _ with quarter   . . . origin unknown .

mini Stacked Sticks

44 Identical Pieces !

The next two mini puzzles were made in Germany by a manufacturer named Pussy .   Origin of purchase is unknown .

mini Triangle Pin Burr   . . . origin unknown .

mini mini Tut's Tomb _ with quarter
Mini version of Mag-Nif's original full-sized Tut's Tomb .

Mirror Burr _ with quarter (version 1)

Mirrored Burr (version 2 - with bolts)
    Since I haven't been able to find a satisfactory adhesive for chemically bonding the two differently colored pieces to each other, I have settled for a mechanical bonding, using tiny bolts - one of the colored pieces having been tapped to substitute as a nut fastener .

Missing Link   . . . an Ideal puzzle from the makers of Rubik's Cube in the early 80's .

Molecule    SOLD

This unique 24-piece gem was one of 54 entries in the 2001 IPP21 Puzzle Design Competition as seen on John Rausch's  Puzzle World  

According to Joe's intro, "This brain teaser has several colorful disks that have been cleverly designed to fit into other pieces.   This gives rise to a colorful structure that some say looks like a molecule.  There are approximately 11 Billion colorful permeations.   An exact count is unknown ."

Molecule Puzzle Designer: Joe Miller Materials: Colored PVC type plastic Purchase: There are approximately 150 puzzles in stock currently and more can be made. The puzzles are $15.00US plus shipping and are available to anyone. Send to Molecule, Box 787, Lafayette CO 80026. More information can be found at The designer would also be interested in speaking with anyone interested in marketing, distributing, or possibly purchasing the puzzle. He can be reached at 1594 Palmer Lane, Erie CO 80516 or via Email.

Money Lock Bank
This is a very well-crafted puzzle !   A one-of-a-kind gem extraordinaire that comes along every once in a great while that doesn't seem to make much of a ' Here-I-am ! ' recognition .   However, those collectors who take special interest in these kinds of puzzles - as I do - can readily perceive the value of such a prized addition . . . and the genius behind it .

Tried to get a manufacturer name off the box it came in, but all it gave me was the old familiar "Made in China" .

The top with its logo .



Orange ring

Orange ring

multicolored plastic Ball
From E-Bay

Multi Cross   This is someone's version of Pentangle's wooden Squirrel's Cage .

Multiplicity   . . . from Reiss Games (1974) --   fMag-Nif Inc.'s Third Dimension II

Neuron Twister . . . a.k.a.   Arjeau's Babylone

. . . from a different angle

. . . closeup 1

. . . closeup 2

. . . single piece

Notched Sphere    The added notches make for a very impressive little puzzle .

Made by Parker Brothers in 1982

Oskar's Cubes


P24 Mariam's Puzzle

Pagoda   Small version of the Japanese Crystal as found on the Web, or Bits & Pieces' The Great Pagoda, or Pentangle's Woodchuck .

Pepsi Puzzle Bank

Pin Hole   . . . from Stewart Coffin .
So called because the locking mechanism are wooden dowels that set into their complimentary holes .

Plato's Plight   . . . a tensegrity geometric puzzle
from Mag-Nif Inc . . . (later changed to "Plato's Secret" )

a.k.a. elsewhere on the web :
( Philosopher's Stone -- Philosopher's Knot
Merlin's Stone -- Cobweb -- Knit Wit)

Polar Bear
14 pieces .   Stamped onto the bottom is :   1986   PKR   CORP   ANIPUZZLE   MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Pyramid . . . from a DollarTree store
It has 14 pieces and the base .   Because it does have a base, this puzzle is only considered as 'pseudo' interlocking, using the base to keep it together .

Pyramix   . . . origin unknown

Puzzle Bank Ball
This is the GrandDaddy of the little ones that are always being sold on E-Bay .   This one is approximately a whopping 6" in diameter !   Plus it substitutes for a bank as well .

Radius   . . . made by The Mandalay Co.
A 4-tiered cylinder puzzle that resembles Pandora's Box on my
 E-Bay  page .   Also known as Cylinder Puzzle at the  site .

Reiss Classic 'Chalmers-Detroit' Car

Reiss Classic 'Victoria' Train

Ring Thing
Made by Reiss Games .
Except for the fact that the rings are smooth and not geared, this is the giant version of PuzzlesDownunder's Locked Sprockets, with the same pin mechanism .

Rubik's Pocket Cube Pocket   . . . origin unknown

Rubik's Cube _ original (regular)   . . . origin unknown

Rubik's Ice Cube . . . Bought at Toys-R-Us .

Rubik's Joined Rings


Another version on the web is called Hungarian Rings .

Rubik's Magic Rings   . . . by Matchbox in the mid-1980s

Rubik's Revenge   . . . origin unknown

Rubik's Shells . . . a.k.a.   Intelligence Magic Wheel

Purchased from Johore, Malaysia.
Their store can be accessed at their eBay store  tropicalestore
Or you can email them at

Rubik Shells is a puzzle that consists of 4 intersecting rings, coloured wheels with 8 balls each, which can rotate. The wheels are in two pairs; two axes with a pair of wheels on each, and the two axes are separated and at right angles to each other so that any wheels from one axis has exactly one ball in common with any wheel from the other axis.

The object of the puzzle is to separate the coloured balls, each colour into its own wheel.

There are 28 balls, 7 of each colour. There are 4 intersections, so 4 balls will belong to two wheels simultaneously. Each wheel intersects two others, so in the solved state each wheel will have one intersection of its own colour, and the ball at the other intersection matches that of the other wheel.

An interesting feature of this puzzle is that each axis also has a button. By pressing a button, the two wheels on that axis permanently lock together.

There are therefore 3 grades of difficulty:

Basic (no buttons pressed)
Tough (one button pressed)
Challenge (both buttons pressed).

Note that once pressed, the buttons can never be released. Also, the puzzle is always solvable, even if the buttons are pressed when it is in a mixed state. Pressing a button takes some force, so there is no danger of doing so accidentally.

Rubik's Snake   . . . origin unknown


16 Pieces !
. . . form this highly complex little gem .

Scrambled Egg . . . from  Mag-Nif Inc.

Sheffield Steel 6BB
This is the first in a series of what I like to call 'tortuous burrs' .   This humungous 6-pc specimen measures 7" (if it were in cube form) and weighs about 2 pounds .   It is made of North American white pine -- at 8% kiln-dried humidity -- and given a two-toned application of MINWAX stain (combination of Red Oak and Natural), and then several coats of acrylic polyurethane on certain areas that will not be affected during the move shifts .

The man responsible for this wonderfully devilish design is Ronald Kint-Bruynseels, and one can view more of his -- and others' -- amazing high-level burrs  here on Ishino Keiichiro's website .

According to a statement regarding the solution on Ishino Keiichiro's page displaying the puzzle, "There are 144 solutions include apparent. 1 solution is constructable . 17 moves to remove the first piece . 14 moves next ." . "

To not become unbearingly overwhelmed with the enormity of the number of shifts involved, I enlisted the aid of one awesome program called Puzzlesolver 3D created by André van Kammen at "" (now defunct) .

According to André, "Puzzlesolver 3D is a program for solving 3D interlocking puzzles.   It makes it possible to show the found solutions as an animation which can be viewed from every angle.   It supports assembling and disassembling for puzzles which are built up using cubic blocks.   For example, it solves most 6 piece burrs by the click of a button.   It has an easy to use 3D interface for drawing the puzzle. "

Soma Cube   . . . created by Piet Hein - made by Parker Brothers (1969) - Binary Arts' Block by Block .   Fascinating Cube by Skor Mor .

Soma Die Cube _ red     SOLD

Made with red transparent dice .

Notice all the major sides have the same numbers .   Clever .


Soma Die Cube _ white

 Sonneveld 3pc 2x2x2 Burr . . . . . stained only (with MINWAX Colonial Maple)

. . . . . partially open, and given 4 coats of high-gloss acrylic polyurethane

Notice that, unlike a great many burr puzzles whose pieces slide laterally for disassembly, these pieces twist in unison (like a cordinate-motion puzzle) .   However, in practical terms, each piece has to be moved a 'baby step' at a time until final separation occurs .

. . . . . all 3 pieces are identical .

Sonneveld's 9pc Burr . . . a rare picture to say 'none-the-least' .

The only other pics to be found -- of any reasonable viewing size -- show this puzzle resting on a mirror, which confuses the viewer by its added reflection (as in the pic to the right) >>>

Without more sophisticated tools at hand, this one is probably as good as it gets -- clear plastic being one of the few item makeups that makes it very difficult to take a picture of.

The picture was taken outside on a sunny day, with a piece of white paper underneath the puzzle, using a hand-held Kodak EasyShare Max Z990 camera (a video size of HD720p) .
The image was modified using Paint Shop Pro 7, with a little bit of brightening and a tad of 'sharpening', with the original background eliminated -- taking away any confusion to the viewer -- and a soft blue color added in its place, giving the image a more delicate contrast to the puzzle's clear plastic material .

Any dark shading present is due to the ambient outside light bouncing off differently-angled parts of the puzzle's inner structure, some of which was introduced by the puzzle's own shadow from the sun's angle .

    SOLD (1)
The greatest mystery to this puzzle is its awe-inspiring ability to maintain the holding integrity of its own structure .

According to the folks at Space Cubes, "The clever bit is that until you have all 6 pieces together, the CUBE falls apart .   There is no glue, magnets or clips .   When all 6 pieces are together, they each hold each other together to form the CUBE .

That is the clever bit .   The cube is very strong until you twist one piece and then it falls apart."

Different forms that can be made using multiple cubes.
"The first Hyper Blob was built in the first of march of 1999, at about two o'clock in the mornin" by Anselmo Blanco Dominguez, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, owner of the First ever

(made by Net Block)
Same as Reiss Games' Equilibrium .   Also called Astro by Pussy (manufacturer in Germany) .

Squarrel   . . . . . a Squirrel's Dilemma
Another 'tortuous burr' modeled after Ronald Kint-Bruynseels' original, which can be seen  here .   According to Ishino Keiichiro's website, "There are 12 solutions include apparent. 1 solution is constructable. 10 moves to remove the first piece. "

You are looking at the first 3 shifts out of 10

Squirrel's Cage . . . plastic   Unknown origin .   . . . mini simulated-wood plastic version of  Pentangle's  hardwood original .

Star Czech . . . . . 12-pc Lucite 'stars'
Yet another great work of art from my good friend Pavel Curtis.

An excerpt from  Pavel's Puzzle Blog states : "I decided that the pieces would rotate into position, using some kind of interlocking, hook-shaped protrusions on the edges of each face; that would still entail fairly wide (deep?) hooks, due to the shallow angle, but avoid any piece deformation during assembly."

Star of David

A shape-changing puzzle from Stewart Coffin .
Six interlocking, dissimilar pieces of Honduras Mahogany which assemble different ways to form various geometrical figures having an axis of symmetry .   The assembled puzzle has the shape of a symmetrical column with the Star of David as cross-sectional end faces .

Different assembly combinations yield the different shapes .

top half

notice the numbers I penciled in the center -- 1 2 3 >

bottom half

also notice the orientation of the numbers
(which way they're facing) -- 4 5 6 <
This is crucial when assembling the pieces in various combinations .

top pieces

These next two photos depict the pieces as they're oriented for the Star of David's regular shape .

bottom pieces

Different combinations that can be used for acquiring various shapes are :
123> --- <465 regular shape
135< --- >264 chaos
123< --- >456 drooped sides
123< --- >465 crushed top / sliced side
132< --- >465 sliced symmetry

Steady State Cube                                                                                                 'steady state'
This is my version of Rich Gain's very clever and famous Microcubology cube "  Steady State Cube   - from his store at  Shapeways   - made out of  LiveCube's  cubelets .

The outside geometry looks similar to LiveCube's  3D Cross Puzzle  , except instead of having 4 cublets on each of the six sides, the "Steady State Cube" has 16 cubelets on each of the six sides! . . . and . . . the 4 center cubelets protrude out from the main 'plate' of each side.

This cube is a whopping approximation of 4 13/16", as viewed in my hand. There are 182 cubelets (with 2 internal voids for movement), all of which weigh 13.32 ounces! (378 grams)

The cube in the pic to the far right is in a final relatively stable state (a 'Steady State') -- after the 6th/top piece was added during assembly (actually, it's the 5th/front piece that affords the stability -- the 6th piece locks it all in place). The next/final step is to push in all six sides (in sequence).

note: the 5th/front yellow piece during the 'stabilization' process is now the 1st piece to start the final 'push-in' sequence of the solution, as noted in the listing below (front/yellow, top/red, left/green, bottom/red, back/yellow, right/green).

the 'twist' movement                                                                                                 'unstable state'
<<< The 6th piece to assemble, making a twisting motion into the structure.

Top & front views showing front/yellow piece at the Point Of Disengagement >>>

       > > > > > > Far right: 'unstable state'
without the front/yellow piece.

Each pair of sides has a single color:

yellow = front & back = steps 1 & 5
green = left & right = steps 3 & 6
red = top & bottom = steps 2 & 4

You can view the solution of the original Rich Gain's Shapeways' Steady State microcube on  You Tube  .

Sticked Triangles   made by The Mandalay Co.


. . . . . all 6 pieces
Designed and crafted by Richard Whiting of New Hampshire (USA) .

   The name of this sneaky little item comes from the fractious way the mechanism is constructed .   As seen in the next pic, the only thing that is holding the puzzle together are the tiny little tabs on the ends of the pieces .
    Once assembled, it will stay together with an extreme minimum of handling - affording a distinguished appearance as an intimidating little display .   Once the level of handling is raised just a fraction . . . SURPRIZE ! . . . it'll fall apart at a whisper .

Switchback  . . . . . the Maddening Marble Puzzle from Binary Arts 1994
Object:   Switchback is a pattern-matching puzzle.   By sliding the slides and swicthing the balls (two colors) so they match the patterns as shown in the booklet.

The Great Pagoda (51 pcs)
Although the outside features are similar to 'Papachuck' (54 pcs) from the Pentangle 'chuck' series of England, the assembly principle is quite different .   Other websites call it 'The Japanese Crystal' .

TopSpin (made by Binary Arts)

Trinity 1   First of a series of five .
The original design - by Lynn Yarbrough - is sold through
 Bits & Pieces  as Triple Decker  in anodized aluminum .

Trinity 2   Second made

Trinity 3 (Cross 1)   Third made - First 'cross' version .

Trinity 4 (Cross 2)   Fourth made - Second 'cross' version which was given to the designer as a gift .

Trinity 5 (Cross 3)   Fifth made - Third 'cross' version .

Trix Stix (made by Net Block)
Same as Alien DNA from E-Bay, and Cleverwood's Kumiki mini Sparkle Burr .   Also called Tangle by Pussy (manufacturer in Germany) .

Trick Treasure Box . . . from  Piece Time Puzzles .     SOLD

One has to try to find out how to open the 'trick' drawer .

Triplets _ 3 Kumikis

Trillion   . . . from Ideal Corporation .

Tubular Burr Box   . . . 9 laser-cut wood pcs    SOLD
(from ebay member : luckbuy2014)
A design by Ronald Kint-Bruynseels (1988) .
In the picture of the pieces, the letter   'A'   piece starts the re-assembly; >>>
and continues on from there alphabetically .

Tut's Trial . . . . . start point

This is yet another version of The Tower Of Hanoi
(my version: The  Tower Of Creation  )

spread out

3 invisible 'pegs'

Wheel     SOLD

Imported from Universal Distributors of Oakville, Ontario - Canada .
This puzzle measures approximately 4" in diameter by 2" thick
(actually 3 15/16" by 1 15/16") .

Whiting's Woe
    The sticks are intrically carved from North American pine and flame-torched for grain enhancement .   This version is copied from the original Plato's Secret on my
 "30+ years ago"  webpage .   It is five times the size also .

  . . . from
 Pentangle  of England (second in the 'chuck' series of 5 ).
The 'chuck' series consists of : Babychuck (6pcs), Woodchuck (24 pcs), Papachuck (54pcs), Grandpapachuck (96 pcs), and GreatGrandpapachuck (150 pcs)
As Pentangle puts it, "The Chuck Series could be described as a family of puzzles which vary both in size and degrees of difficulty. Based on a design by Ron Cook they are the 'original' Pentangle puzzles"

XEON _ The Molecule Puzzle   . . . injected-molded version of Stewart Coffin's wood original of the Altekreuse puzzle . . . made by Skor-Mor from their Geo-Logic line .   This one's a hot item . . . it's got heat fins on it .

Taken from the package it originally came in: "The intrigue of things yet unknown has always challenged the inquisitive mind to understand the mysteries that lie just beyond comprehension. Just beyond the limits of expanding science, and into the realm of the vast unknown. Here at the edge of total darkness you are lured on to discover the infinite series of questions about time, energy and matter. You are impelled to that edge where there is no modern understanding to guide of instruct you. Here you must use the only infinite tool at your command, your imagination."

Yin & Yang     SOLD

This Chinese symbol is "sometimes called Tai-Chi symbol. The Tai-Chi is from I-Ching. The I-Ching is the greatest foundation of Chinese philosophy. It’s development is from the natural phenomena of our universe."
Yin (Moon -- dark area) -- Yang (sun - light area) .   Check out this
 webpage  for a more detailed explanation .


Yot . . . not a UFO !
This palm-sized mystery is made of high quality aircraft aluminum .

According to the folks at  , "It relies on an advanced law of physics ...... Hint: The secret is in the Sphinx.   The solution requires logical thought, intuition and imagination.   It's fun to test your mettle on YOT's metal! "

. . . the inner disk

. . . medalion

When purchased, either this medalion or a US Eisenhower silver dollar comes with the puzzle .

. . . backside

Zig Zag Knot . . . from  ThinkFun