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Kumiki mini Sparkle Burr
Also known as Wooden Spikes on Bits & Pieces' online catalog; Alien DNA . . . made in China for Accoutrements; Trix Stix . . . from PuzzlesDownUnder's webpage and Tangle . . . by Pussy (manufacturer in Germany) . .

Kumiki Squashed Blossom Burr

(mini Round Flower Burr)

Gravity Pin puzzle box

                                                                                                                  . . . opened >>> Made out of Burl Walnut and Maple, with leaf inlay .

SeeSaw puzzle box

                                                                                                                  . . . opened >>> Made out of Maple, Bubinga and Cherry

Rock-It puzzle box

                                                                                 . . . opened >>>

Made out of Bird's-eye Maple, Bubinga and Maple

▼ S K O R -- M O R     Geo-Logic   Puzzles ▼

~ The following text comes from the instruction sheet that covers all the Geo-Logic puzzles ~

"All STAR-ART Geo-Logic Puzzles have 6 pieces, for each puzzle. These 6 pieces are IDENTICAL IN SHAPE. There is no 'key piece' to find and push. All Puzzles can be simple, and quite gently, TUGGED - PULLED - WIGGLED "AP-ART" ("Sculpture That Comes Apart"). All come apart with a dramatic scattering of the pieces.

The 8 puzzles covered under this line are:

Geo-Logic molds are finished to tolerances of +/- 0.001"; molded parts must be held to +/- 0.003" overall for the proper balance between frustration and reward . . . to give you FITS.

STAR-ART, Sculpture That Comes Apart, Geo-Logic Puzzles, by S.T.Coffin for Nylon Products Corporation, Clinton, Mass. 01510

CETUS, the PLATONIC TETRAHEDRON member of the Geo-Logic Puzzle Family; recommended for all ages , 6 to 90.

CETUS, the simplest-looking Geo-Logic Puzzle, is not all that simple. The Greek mathematician/philosopher Plato found the tetrahedron, simplest of the Platonic solids, to be one of the most interesting. Before learning how to take this sculptured puzzle version apart, look through several of a transparent CETUS' small "windows" for a neat color-blending lesson. The hollow shape inside is a rhombic dodecahedron. It will hold a ring, sea shell, or other small gift, or the knotted end of a thread or fish-line hanger.

The box pics shown above are courtesy of my good friend Tom Vigneau
The puzzle pic courtesy of Puzzle World

TAURI , the ILLUSION OF SPINNING Geo-Logic Puzzle, for ADULTS of all ages.

TAURI is named for the youngest class of stars -- T-TAURI -- whose erratic changes in brightness give the illusion of spinning. After much use, your TAURI can be spun apart; for now, tug gently at any two pairs of opposite "tunnel ends". Oops! Make your head spin? Those 6 identically-shaped pieces now need an astronaut's extra-dimesional thinking and cool dexterity to coax them back into structured order.

The puzzle pic courtesy of Puzzle World

ARIES, the RAMbunctious Geo-Logic Puzzle.

ARIES is the constellation named after the RAM of the Golden Fleece, and First Sign of The Zodiac. Find ARIES' two rams-head profiles? ARIES' shape also suggests an astronaut's module (several ARIES can be stacked together in several ways which are also rocket-like). Since "astronaut" comes from Jason, the Argonaut, who sought the RAM, don't let this Geo-Logic Puzzle fleece you. Cool sharp wits and astronaut dexterity will master ARIES RAMbunctious qualities every time. (Some of the time?). Trouble can start as you begin to look for ways to take ARIES apart -- it can "self-destruct" into 6 just-alike asteroidal pieces, leaving no re-joining clues. If it does not, tug gently with opposed thumb-and-fingertip pairs at individual pieces of ARIES' "neck" and, say, "nose" or either "horn". If nothing gives, shift your grip -- either hand -- to another piece. When you feel loosening, PULL. RAMbunctious! If you still have hold of a piece or two, fine. But ARIES, like all five Geo-Logic Puzzles, has no "key piece"; it has 6. These unique pieces may be laid out flat in some interesting patterns, but that doesn't restore ARIES, the RAM.

The box pics shown above are courtesy of my good friend Tom Vigneau
The puzzle pic courtesy of Puzzle World

NOVA, the mysteriously beautiful but infuriatingly changeable Geo-Logic Puzzle. Not for children!

NOVA is the subtle, serenely sculptured but excessively changeable Geo-Logic Puzzle. Like the strange starts of the same name, NOVA can be made to expand apart by slow wiggling tugging at any two (of six) opposite pieces. (It takes careful looking to find those). Unique among all known puzzles, the 6 geometrically-identical NOVA pieces will first all move away from one another uniformly; then, at an unpredictable "critical point", ERUPT! Just like celestial NOVAE, which expand, then erupt, unpredictably.

The puzzle pic courtesy of Puzzle World

SPIRUS is the LAW AND ORDER Geo-Logoc Puzzle, also called SPINEY NERVE WRACKER, a real ADULT toy.

SPIRUS is the Geo-Logic Puzzle which tells us that those spiral galaxies which look so graceful through a telescope may be sharply forbidding environments for humans who venture too close. (This puzzle not advised for young children!) Tugged apart without force or violence along any of 4 axes (find 'em? OOPS!) SPIRUS' jagged pieces demonstrate how important the law of gravity is to our orderly universe. Gather them up; yes, they are identical in shape. LAW AND ORDER will help you to re-sculpt SPIRUS into its "frozen motion" whole.

The puzzle pics courtesy of Puzzle World

UNI, the UNIversal puzzle link that provides the nucleous of a whole UNIverse of Geo-Logic STAR-ART puzzles.

UNI, is a stellar spectacle in itself, but dozens of GALAXY combinations result when the UNI's six identical pieces link up with ARIES, NOVA AND SPIRUS. You may find UNI coeducational -- so difficult to handle that you need a partner to hold one 3-piece stelliform while you mate the other one.

GALAXY is the most unique 3-dimensional Geo-Logic puzzle in the world.

GALAXY is an interlocking combination of 6 puzzles (2 ARIES, 1 UNI, 2 NOVA and 1 SPIRUS). This is a total of 36 pieces.

Dozens of varieties of GALAXY are possible -- all require dexterity, imagination, perserverence and artistic appreciation.


There is no limit to the variety of GALAXIES that can be created.

Shown left is a picture of a box that shows two of these puzzles -- ARIES, UNI . . .
made by another manufacturer, Samuel Ward Company.

You'll notice that their version of Skor-Mor's ARIES is spelled a little differently

This pic is courtesy of Tom Vigneau.

Devil Star

▲ end of :   S K O R -- M O R     Geo-Logic   Puzzles ▲

Instant Insanity   by the numbers . . . origin unknown .   Another name on the Web is Tantalizer made in West Germany .   Also known as IT and distributed by F.J. Strauss Co., made in Hong Kong .   Then there's Face Four by Ideal, 1980 .

Originally made by Parker Brothers back in 1967/1968, this current version was made in China for Winning Moves Games .

Drive Ya Nuts (blue) . . . by Milton Bradley

Drive Ya Nuts (red) . . . by Milton Bradley

Snowflake (Hydrastone)

Made from Hydrastone - a combination of US Gypsum "industrial strength" Portland cement and plaster .
Two-Dimensional combinatorial hexagon puzzle .

note:   except for a few miner alterations, the following text -- because it is taken from  Tucker Jones' website -- will be enclosed in quotation marks and displayed in red type; thus allowing credit to be duly and fully noted towards their story writeup efforts.
(All the puzzles on this page -- regardless of where I got them from -- are originally from Tucker Jones)

Tucker-Jones House, Inc., P O Box 231, East Setauket, NY 11733

"Tucker-Jones House, Inc. was established in 1975.   It is a family business, owned and operated by Dennis and Donna Sucilsky.

Tavern Puzzles® -- evolved from reproductions of hand-forged artifacts that Dennis Sucilsky came across while researching architectural hardware -- are reproductions of a type of puzzle traditionally forged by blacksmiths to amuse their friends at country taverns and inns.

In keeping with tradition, Dennis Sucilsky, as a museum-trained blacksmith from Long Island, was able to use his knowledge of iron-working and tool making for production of metal puzzles, and has reproduced some of these antique designs as well as his own original designs.   All the puzzles are handcrafted and individually assembled.

His specialty is 18th and 19th century architectural hardware.

In 1980, Dennis began production of metal puzzles.   Incorporating both traditional and original designs, the Tavern Puzzle® Collection emerged.

The earliest Tavern Puzzles® are based on designs centuries old.   New styles are added on a regular basis; some of these are original designs, others are new versions of classics.

The purpose of any puzzle is to provide a challenge, entertainment, and fun.   Their collection does all three, on several different levels.   Each puzzle is mechanical in nature; removal of the object piece does not rely on force or trickery.

Tucker-Jones House, Inc. is the only company that makes the Tavern Puzzle® Collection.   Their trademark assures you quality, value, and service."

One can view the full line of these great metal wonders here at :
(Tucker Jones' website)

The following three puzzles were purchased at 'The Golden Pineapple' giftshop on Route 202/9 in Henniker, NH.
( . . . which has since been replaced with a Dunkin' Donuts . . . . . )

Big Kahuna

BlackBeard's Revenge


 Frik - n - Frak's Curio Shack

Traveler's Woe

Tinker's Bell

Lyon's Loop

Freedom's Ring

Clef Hanger

Color Cube        SOLD

3D Color Puzzle . . . A super puzzle that is part construction toy, part teaching tool !

Build a color matrix in three dimensions and learn about the many relationships of color .

Over a billion possible combinations, but only one true harmonious solution, COLORCUBE is a puzzler's dream (or nightmare!)
Suitable for ages 10-110

Each kit contains:
◾128 colored pieces - match the color pairs and construct 64 - 1" cubes; all made from high quality polystryrene plastic .
◾48 connecting rods -- reinforced nylon rods (approx. 9" in length); each holds 4 cubes
◾Instructional poster -- 12 steps to understand digital color and the logic behind the COLORCUBE model

Click  here to watch ColorCube rotate